What makes Mitco different from our competitors? Many manufactures simply have others put their names on the labels of their products. Most Mitco products are made by our people, in our own plant. We are lucky to have a loyal and dedicated workforce, with many employees with more than 15 years of experience. This type of dedication is highly unusual in the manufacturing sector. We believe in our people and they in turn believe in Mitco's ongoing success.

Cost, quality and availability are the cornerstones of Mitco's reputation. It is our goal to consistently provide the best products available to HVAC/R trade and to design our products to be easier to use and more cost efficient.

Over the years, Mitco Mfg. has evolved into a diverse manufacturer offering more than 750 heating, air conditioning and refrigeration products. This growth can be attributed directly to an ongoing dialog with trades people and service technicians.

We have developed a solid customer base for the Mitco name because it represents attention to detail and quality.

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